Friday, May 23, 2008


Busy busy busy.
Most of my day focused around my screening tonight, but there were a couple of other events. Mark Montague, who was a student of mine about 5 or 6 years ago, is doing a tv show about Saskatchewan filmmakers and did an interview with me today at my (yes, very cluttered) office. We talked about the university, the Filmpool, and in independant filmmaking in general. I also had another optometrist appointment where we think he finally has the correct shape of contact lens to fit my left eye without it giving me significant halos and double vision. The screening went well in general. Eric helped set up. The sound guy was late and we didn't know if he would have the correct connectors for us to patch the recorder into his board. It required XLR to RCA, not a common cord. I went to the university and searched and searched. I finally gave up but when I went to turn off the lights in the equipment room, I discovered another rack of connectors and managed to find what I needed there. Once we were all set up, we were able to go look at some of the street fair. I had a lengthy conversation with Ryan Hill and Brent Brataan who were sitting on the patio at the wine bar. Time travel mostly. Just as I left there to try to find Margaret, her cousin John Bessai from Toronto found me. He's in province to attend the Yorkton festival but decided to spend tonight here to visit and see my screening. We had ice cream, even though I had no jacket and was getting pretty cold. The parade came next; as Margaret was an organizer, I walked with William. He was getting very tired to we stopped at the Cathedral Centre where the band and films were to play and waited for Margaret. Lots of people came including a number of old friends. The band, Intergalactic Virgin, started at 10:45 and I ran my films on a paper screen suspended from the ceiling. Many of the more subtle films didn't show up well due to the throw and the abundant ambient light. However, a lot of it did look really good. Here is a clip:

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