Saturday, May 10, 2008


Saturday is cartoon day, William announced at 7:30 this morning. I'd told him he could wake me up in the morning to continue reading the Bionicle Legends book I'd started last night (volume 4 out of a current 9 book set, in that Bionicle series). However, my promise was before I decided to watch the Coen Brothers' No Country For Old Men at midnight, so was up until past 2. Ouch. We watched an episode of the Tick (vs Brainchild), then the Iron Giant (Brad Bird's masterpiece). This afternoon we went to the Sherwood Dunlop branch for the opening of Cindy Baker's "Gimmick" show, which I have mixed feeling about. This show features an array of objects which appear to be parts of magic acts. It looks pretty cool, but they don't make much sense without being able to handle them, which is partially allowed, but they don't all stand up to this type of scrutiny. See video: sorry if it's longer than most video I post (1:37). Leesa and Daniel were there and got lots of attention during the magic act that followed the artist talk. Supper was at Margaret's mothers houses as she is hosting a couple of kids from Africa who are part of a school of orphans who are touring North America and singing in church choirs. William played with them in the back yard for a while, it was nice. We thought we'd surprise them with the bucket of snow we were storing in the freezer, but apparently they've been here for six months already, so were not interested.

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