Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Bit of this and that today, didn't really complete anything, tried to write this morning and only progressed a couple of pages on Midsummer Night's Dream before just got tired and out of focus on the whole thing. There was some sidewalk painting going on so I shot 100 feet of film to be my new test roll (where I use a couple feet at a time to test chemistry), since I used up my last test roll last week (it contained footage of William age 2 in the backyard with his car). I worked on my new web video but don't have it done yet. I made a brush based upon my hand scan and, even in the brush mode, it clearly shows my fingerprints. I made this in as a filmstrip in photoshop; only a portion of the frame will be shown so I figure I should show it all here. It is 15 seconds and silent (and compressed with flash so the fingerprints are not nearly as visible). I only made one brush this time and I can't figure out how to rotate the brush, which is pretty obvious in this video.

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