Friday, May 9, 2008


Today I demonstrated the optical printer to Eric and had him reproduce some super-8 footage onto 16mm film while I developed some black and white film. Amazingly, I developed all of the backlog I had of black and white, this is the first time I've done that since 2001! Then we developed the colour footage Eric shot; however, the colour developer must not keep as well -- the footage is rather dim (as is the test control strip), so the test was inconclusive. I'll have to start it again tomorrow or Monday. I want to save the new batch of chemistry for the next batch of kinescoped images that I'll shoot next week.
I had Kalyn and her boyfriend over for supper. She figured out how to get me onto the server and allow me to update my own website. I have done a few changes, just minor things such as activate the return to main button on William's page and the Splice magazine page, and to connect the second How to be an Experimental Filmmaker button to its page. I've not figured out how to add new pages yet, but I should get it alter.
After Kalyn and James left, Margaret started falling asleep so Paul and I built Bionicles out of the box of parts, so William will find 10 assembled in the morning, instead of just 4.

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