Monday, May 26, 2008


Today I sat down with Chrystene and we watched her "Sisu" film all the way through in its rough cut form from beginning to end. Most scenes are working quite well already. I thought it would be easier to see what areas needed to be fixed more easily, but perhaps the interruptions between scenes disrupted my ability to figure that out (or perhaps I just can't see them). It's running a bit over 2 hours now, so there is lots of room for editing. Digesting it for a few hours, I've been thinking more and more about the main character, Tom, and his relationship with his mother and his wife. This might be developed a bit more to help create a thread to follow his delusions and passions. Does he call to his mama when he hears the gunshot by the river as a child? Could he then whisper "mama" when noticing the changing seasons and freezing rivers? These small details may help ground him as someone striving his whole life to satisfy his childhood dreams (I won't get more Freudian than that).

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