Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Eric and I developed the Modern work from yesterday plus some colour negative from optical printing super-8 and 3 rolls of colour print film for Grain (totally 800 feet). It started raining so we only got half of it dry, the rest was in buckets. I'm on the hunt for good jugs for chemistry so I had Eric drive me past the janitorial supply place on Dewdney on the way home but they didn't sell any. There was an interesting story on CBC about youtube "virus" videos, videos that seem to get thousands of hits per day and where they came from. The case study was a rather absurd, but earnest music video called "Speak The Hungarian Rapper", it's pretty ridiculous but fun. The back up singers are apparently all popular Hungarian pop starts, now a bit past their prime and down enough on their luck to take part in this. After I got home and started hanging up the wet film I had in my buckets up onto the clothes line, Margaret came home and casually said "so you must have found the car". "What do you mean", I asked. She then explained that she left me two phone messages saying she was leaving the car in the parking lot for me. I didn't notice the messages so I had to get a ride back to the university to get it, then quickly home to eat and then to the Filmpool for a short Board meeting then a meeting with Christopher Dray, who is in town to advise us on a capital campain to acquire a building.

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