Saturday, May 24, 2008


I think I did everything at half speed today including, or perhaps especially, thinking. Tired and have a perpetual headache that I think is part of a cold or sinus/allergy thing right now.
Talked with John for a while this morning until I had to drive him to the airport to connect with his shuttle to Yorkton. Put $60 gas in the car. Poked away at the computer but accomplished very little this afternoon. The screening under the stars was tonight, primarily a rerun of the premier screening, so I took William home and Margaret went without me.
Yesterday I was looking into hiring a machinist to create a threaded tube/pipe to screw into a lens mount and cover to create a pin-hole camera. Later, while I was waiting for Mark Montague to come and interview me, I found an extension tube in my cupboard that was part of a beat up Bolex I bought from Craig Langley about 15 years ago. It is exactly what I need, it has the exact threads to screw into the mount and is an open tube, containing no glass or lens of any sort. Next step is to cut some aluminum and make the hole. More on that next week.

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