Friday, May 9, 2008


I worked on creating some new videos for Modern today, I want 11 more to kinescope on Monday. Sometimes I think I'm repeating myself, they all start off derivative of my previous work, but then I work it and work it until it is new again. They make me happy. I have about 6 or 7 new now, hope to finish tomorrow. I might have finished the set had I not been so tired, I sat in front of the computer while it was doing a five minute render and drifted off in my chair, had a wild set of dreams about Lego until the computer chimed and woke me with a start. Had supper at mom's tonight. Margaret booked us a trip to Toronto next month on air miles (free but for the $700+ in taxes). She's found a Lego store there, will be a thrill for William. I put my birthday present from William to use finally, it is a small metal lunch box, about 4x6x3", with Spiderman on it. Joe and Roland helped me fit it with foam and today I cut it to hold my mp3 player, my memory cards, some ear-bud headphones, and my pen drive. Tonight's episode of Battlestar Gallactica, which promised answers, really didn't. I've been getting tired of the slow pace of it. All grit, no plot.

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