Monday, May 12, 2008


Eric and I set up to kinescope more Modern footage today. He's got some graphics work on the new Stephen King movie shooting in Regina now, so after the camera battery died I let him go and work on his road signs while I charged it up. Shot a 400' roll, that's another 11 minutes. It's made up mostly of new material, although it does have a couple minutes of stuff from a couple of years ago that I never included before including some with Tanya Dahms' microscopic surface images captured with a laser. I was amused by one video I created that has this image with descriptive text floating across the screen slowly enough that it takes on a deliberate video strobe/shift. While not really video, it is astoundingly video. This afternoon I worked on End of Life video stuff, starting to get really tough on it and trimming it to the bone. I'm getting braver and happier with it. I couldn't stay awake tonight and basically passed out between chapters while reading to William at 7:00.

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