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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evan Rust

I found out yesterday that Evan Rust is no longer the administrator for the New Media Studio Lab at the UofR. This is a huge blow to me, he has been tremendously supportive of work in the lab and is skilled and well informed about media and media technologies. His background is in sound recording and mixing and worked on "Wapos Bay", "Tideland", "Little Mosque", and many other shows. He was key to the success of getting Sockvile recorded and the playback established. He also volunteered to mix the sound for "All the Boys are Called William" last year. With my sabbatical coming up and Sockvile in post production, I had high hopes of working much closer with him over the next six months, which would certainly have been a pleasure since he is both nice and capable (a rare combination some days).  It is certainly a shame and I am feeling rather powerless about it.

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