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Saturday, November 26, 2011

a plumb day

The plumbing in my bathroom is complete!!! I worked on some grading and video compilations while the plumber worked and William watched tv with his friends; overall a busy and noisy day so I didn't get much done. However, it is very exciting. The light fixtures are not in yet but perhaps tomorrow. This evening we attended the Beethoven concert with the Regina Symphony; William declared a preference for Beethoven out of the blue about a month ago so it was definitely the right concert for us. Our seats were at the back of the second balcony which sound far and high but is actually pretty nice. We attended the reception afterwards. I was  hoping to see my old friend Jeff who is a violinist but he didn't attend the after-party (doesn't seem like the right word for a group of decaf coffee drinkers whose average age is above 50)

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