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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Luigi Allemano

Luigi Allemano, composer
This morning, after brushing a number of inches of snow off my car, I went to an amazing four hour Sunday morning workshop with animator/composer Luigi Allemano. He discussed simple and highly useful strategies for composing music or planning for music or communicating with composers when working with animated films. It was at the Filmpool and considering the time (Sunday at 10 am on the first snow day of the year) there was a great turn out. Initially the plan was for him to come to my class tomorrow but in the end he was in Regina for less than 24 hours, leaving the workshop directly for the airport.
This afternoon we mounted the mirror and the sink on the wall (still needs to be plumbed in). I was also able to use the bathtub. This evening the shower was supposed to be ready (were waiting for the silicon to dry) but there is a problem with the shower. Hopefully it can be solved without opening the perfectly painted wall or, worse yet, the tiled wall.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

very enjoyable workshop.... gives me hope