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Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering war.

William takes Remembrance Day very seriously. I think they do a few things at school that have made a big impact, veterans coming in to speak and that sort of thing. I don't recall anything of that nature when I was a kid, just a huge emphasis on the poppy and numerous art/colouring projects that required abundant red. On William's suggestion, we spent a few minutes after 11 am this morning discussing why Remembrance Day is important and then we sat in silence (no talking, music, computer, toys, reading, etc) for 11 minutes. It was sort of nice.
 This afternoon I shopped for a tool cabinet (found an inexpensive one at Rona) while William built a new bloody head for "old man Johnson" and a fort from snow. He insists it is a fort for relaxing in, not fighting.

 He and Margaret also built a Mowvember snowman to taunt me (sink in place, still haven't shaved, was suggested I wait until reno is actually done which might be as soon as this Sunday).

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