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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Electrifying!

At work I had to go through old tapes and, unfortunately, old dvds to try to find the student films I want to show as part of Philippe Mather's small cinema course on Monday. I had hoped to pull everything from digital tapes but in a couple of cases I couldn't find the tapes (perhaps they are on a different format, perhaps they are stored somewhere else, don't know). Two films wouldn't extract properly from the dvds so I need to do without them. Very unfortunate. One of them is a particular favorite, Chad Hudson's short video he did for a Point of View project in which a doctor is seen from the point of view of the anus he is examining. Truly horrifying and gut wrenchingly funny.
We have electricity in our bathroom again, even though the fixtures I ordered were delayed again so we have cheap substitutions in place. There is now a timer for the ceiling fan. All good.

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