Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cousins arrive to find new camper

William's cousins arrived in Regina yesterday. The big surprise this year (there is always some sort of surprise) is that George bought a 35 foot camper trailer for the three of them to stay in at the farm and to tow around to various camp grounds over the next month. It is pretty snazzy. It sleeps the three of them with comfort and can sleep a few more (for example, the eating area can be converted to be a bed, as can the the couch beside it and the bedside table area in the girls room). The visiting time so far has been dominated by shopping for bits and pieces to make using the camper more practical (dishes, bedding, towels, etc).
Today I helped him pick out a tv and mount it, which met with minor but solvable problems. With the girls getting older, the comforts of a shower, frig, and a/c will extend the thrill of camping for at least another couple of years (perhaps more).

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