Saturday, June 7, 2014

Iceland, day 4

We took a day trip to a small town of Hverager├░i (pronounced Ferdy Gerdy) about a half hour from Reykjavik which is known for its geothermal sites. The primary park, which used to feature interesting pools but now is mostly empty pits since the earthquake two years ago, was our quiet destination today.

 They supply you with a pole and net with which you can lower an egg into the hot water for 12 mintues and cook it. They sell numerous salts here including the "lava salt" which is sea salt mixed with charcoal (isn't that carcinogenic?).
 The other feature of the park is a warm mud bath for your feat. It is supposed to cure all kinds of things (but William noted that it didn't cure his athlete's foot which as recently returned).

 Near the park was a local attraction, a water fall where the residence wer spending time, enjoying the outdoors. It was the end of a very pleasant day-trip.

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