Friday, June 6, 2014

Iceland, day 3

 Today we booked a bus to take us to the Blue Lagoon, a unique spa about 45 minutes away from Reykjavik. The hot water springs are naturally anti-bacterial and have a strange blue colour, primarily due to the high levels of silica in it. The spa itself, although expensive, was very well run with magnetic locks for the lockers (allowing you to select or change  your locker and open and close it without limit, all based upon the arm band assigned to you when you come in).

 We had a great time. There was specialized muds to put onto your skin. There was also a bar which you could charge drinks to your arm band and pay as you exit. I got a sun burn and we felt generally exhausted.
 We arrived back in town in time for supper. We walked around until we found a great noodle place to eat at. It happened to be beside the amazing video rental place "AĆ°alvideoleigan" we discovered yesterday. The owner has built up the best collection of international cinema I've ever seen in one place (probably surpassing the university collection in many ways). After noodles, I returned to it and rented our "French Friday" film, Jacque Tati's early feature "Jour de Fete" which William and I had been wanting to find. Fortunately Margaret's computer ran the region 2 disc without complaining and I was able to HDMI it to our hotel computer. Only after it was over did I realized we'd been watching it at midnight.

AĆ°alvideoleigan video rental in Reykjavik

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