Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I developed film in the darkroom today. After a period of confusion about where my colour developer was that I knew I had, Eric pointed out that it was already mixed up and labeled December 2007. As this stuff dies fairly quickly with age, I decided to use a small bottle of replenisher in it. The film we did turned out well, albeit green. Very green. Red actually, as this is a negative developer so if it were printed it would be red. Very red. See the side by side negative/positive comparisons below - the image is daytime on the farm with some trees, clouds, and horizon. I like the effect and will probably use it. I'm now suspecting that the replenisher was either unnecessary or was improperly used (there were no instructions, I just poured it in). One of the rolls I developed was a half roll of 7240 colour reversal that was still in a round metal can that they discontinued around 1989. It ended up having a magnetic sound stripe on it. Yowzers! The kinescope test we shot yesterday using the digital projector turned out very well, no roll bar at all (although it was rather green?).

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