Monday, August 24, 2009

no more vacation

I dove back into work today, actually answering all of my email that accumulated over the past couple of weeks! The office was pretty quiet, only Darrell and Andrea were there so I managed to get through things by noon and started trying to write my new Splice article this afternoon. I posted the program notes from my Calgary screening on my other blog for those interested. I took William to get more back to school shoes and we also got him a second pair of Levis. He's into jeans now and when we were in Lethbridge I found him some Levis at Winners so now that's what he wants to wear (just like dad). Downtown is crazy with the AC/DC concert happening this evening. We just drove past the swarms of people heading towards it; more black t-shirts, wrinkles, and grey hair than you can shake a stick at. I'd be so embarrassed to be going to it.

Midnight post script.
It's quiet now. The sound of the AC/DC concert carried very well to our house so we had to close our doors and listen to 1940s radio dramas all evening. I processed 3/4 of my apples into sauce but didn't have the time or energy to properly can them so they sit in a large pot plus some uncanned jars in the frig beside the three pies Margaret made (in case you are wondering; No, we don't have anything else to eat in the house).

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