Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation day 12

We got up early and packed the car and were driving away at 9am, saying our goodbyes through my brother-in-law as my sister and niece were both still asleep. Last night I suggested that if we do manage to leave early we'd be able to stop in Drumheller and see the dinosaur museum. William was actually more excited about seeing the five story t-rex again, so that was our first stop. We got lost coming into town and again going from downtown to the museum and again trying to find the highway to connect back to the trans-Canada. In our confusion, we did find the hoodoos and stopped for a minute. Arrival time was about 10pm in Regina.
If you read this daily, you may want to go back 11 days as I just posted all of the vacation posts. I wrote many of them two days ago in Calgary but just saved them unposted until this past hour. Just press "August" on the sidebar to your left of this post and it will allow you to scroll backwards through the month without pressing the "older posts" button. Enjoy.

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