Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation day 8

(image of our cat from fall 2005)
First thing this morning, William and I went back to the rock wall and he succeeded in climbing all three (he only finished one yesterday and didn't get second chances). This afternoon we went to a vineyard and did a wine tasting (a cool experience but one that could exhaust you if you tried to do all of them here, there are MANY). We picked up from fresh fruit, pulling a peach and some grapes right off of some trees, then went for ice cream. While enjoying our over-sized cones we got a call from Margaret's mother informing us that our cat, Baron Munchhausen/Mr. Guy/Kitty, died last night. He passed in his sleep in his favorite chair. He was my first real pet. We adopted him as a young and rather wild cat back in the fall of 1996 and he moved into our house the same day we did. I'm glad that he went so quietly without any apparent suffering, but I'm very sad we couldn't have been there with him.

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