Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vacation day 10

. (image: chocolate frog)
We got the earliest start of the trip today, about 8:45. We picked up some chocolate from the local preservative-free chocolatier as we left town. We made only two stops, one in Revelstoke and another in Banff, and otherwise pushed through to Calgary. Good thing as the passes around Golden are closed at night. In Revelstoke we saw, but didn't tour, the Nickelodeon Museum which could be worthwhile next time through. In Banff we went to the old hot spring pool, the only one I've been to there (I was last there when I was about William's age or a year or two older). My brother in law Paul's birthday was yesterday and there was still ice cream cake that Michelle made left over. We put new candles in it and sang for William; his birthday is tomorrow.

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