Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Last night I had an amazing dream that I didn't have a headache. However, other dire things were happening to the world. I then woke up to find that the world was fine but that I had a terrible headache that wouldn't go away. Eventually I ended up on the couch with ice on my neck watching Harrold Lloyd films on Turner Classic Movies. Great fun. I watched another one (all silent) with William this evening.
Following up on a promise I made the other day, I spent my morning hauling boxes out of Margaret's mother's crawl space so they can do some renovations down there. Margaret, George, and I had cleaned up that space 18 years ago but since then it has accumulated more and more and more stuff. I carried about 85 loads up to the garage, mostly two boxes at a time, half of the boxes being filled with old German books. I've not sweated that much in a long long time.
This afternoon I helped (or actually I observed) Bernie and his father inspect and start to repair the flatbeds at the university. I really hope we are able to put the belts on properly when we get replacements in.

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