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Friday, August 28, 2009

no space

We spent the better part of this morning at the vet with Sylvie. She weighs 1.4 kg and had more mite infested gunk in her ears than I would have believed possible. She also needed a de-worming pill, ointment in her eyes, and other orifices probed. We were able to test some other cat foods and found some things that she likes (Science Diet is current favorite). She seems to have forgiven us for her hour of hell and is likely able to hear much better now.
I spent the afternoon working on my scores for Modern and trying to prepare notes for my next Splice Magazine article and this evening watching the first two "Back to the Future" movies with William.

1 comment:

Mike B said...

Hiya Gerald it's mike from vancouver. I've been feeding my rescue this brand called EVO from the specialty pet store. It's a dry food, but very low in carbs and she's done very well with it. My sister says you can buy it at some pet store called metro pet market on victoria avenue. Take care.