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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Chrystene was out shooting the last of her pick-ups for Sisu today. I wasn't able to join her, but the weather was good so I hope it went well. William was finally back to normal today, the tooth pulling thing threw him off a bit, and this being a five day weekend for him made it all a bit strange. As it is Saturday and there are colour comics, William went and drew his own. I try to "read" the images, but am invariably wrong. Then he told me the story so I ran and got the recorder and got him to repeat it (although many things changed in that 3 minutes between then). See video below.

I got into the edit room and finished my pass over the End of Life video. I have it down to 90 minutes, although I was hoping for 10-15 minutes off of that. Next step is to start making it look snazzier, some titles, graphics, 2nd unit images, etc. I also brought home the last of the web clips for my site, I now have all the content except new ideas that keep popping into my head, so all I need is my interface for indexing the film lists. Hopefully soon. Then I will be ready to put it on-line. I'm only days away!

We watched "The Mouse on the Moon" this evening. I've had it sitting on the hard drive for a couple of months, avoiding watching it since the disappointment of "The Mouse That Roared". These were both very funny when I was young, but Peter Sellers just seemed overdone and un-funny in the first of these films. The second does not have Sellers, but was directed by Richard Lester. He seemed to find humour in the script, rather than Sellers's posing, and in the end it was interesting for William (although he was upset that the rocket wouldn't go faster) and for us, as the political satire was nearly in tact.

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