Wednesday, March 26, 2008


On Thursday for breakfast I sampled the honey that is always available beside the syrup, wondering if it is from the native bees that live here. The language barrier came into play, questions of this nature can never be answered by the staff. They will confirm that what I am eating is honey, but nothing about its source. The most important trade item the Mayans had was honey, as they had no metals and the shallow soil made agriculture limited (which in turn is likely a key reason for the collapse of their cities). We saw the bees along the path, they create large hives of their own in the trees, probably 2 feet across. These bees are small, the size of house flies, and do not sting. The honey I ate was dark and intuition tells me that it is honey from regular, domesticated bees such as we have here (European in origin), since the honey was plentiful and to be poured freely onto pancakes.
Sharon bought a blow up raft for the pool; I floated on it for a while and I think it was responsible for my rubbing of my sunscreen off the front of my shoulders and my only sunburn of the trip. I got a lot of sun today. Grandma (my mom) gave William a small, second-hand Star Wars Lego set, he went out of his mind with joy. We made him wait until after lunch (for Siesta) to assemble it. I made sure the parts were all apart and he put it together while I napped - a nap I really needed since I got up at 5:30 in the morning for no good reason. My ears still have not opened up since the flight and when I'm tired I get cranky for being so unable to hear people.
After supper at the seafood restaurant, we played cards in the lobby (see below). William was tired so I took him back to the room and we both were asleep by 9:15.

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