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Sunday, March 2, 2008


It was cold again today so I stayed home while Margaret went to work. I tried to figure out how to bring an Excel spreadsheet into my web site. I could bring it in, but it no longer functioned as a spreadsheet and so would be very difficult to modify as well as to create versions of. If I had no need for future updates, I could go through the work of establishing the links to the one hundred films listed, three times, once for chronological listing, once for alphabetical, and a third time for genre. However, as I do want the ability to update and I don't want to set up 300 links, I think I will seek help.
Daniel came over. I finished a video I shot of William and him playing with cars, it's fun. However, I forgot to ask Leesa permission to post it, so I won't. I did put together this silent time laps of building the submarine that went with the shark William got from the tooth fairy. I think that the shark is the favorite animal of the tooth fairy, it looses teeth its whole life. Maybe she recycles children's teeth into teeth for them...?

1 comment:

Chrystene said...

Regarding getting an Excel spreadsheet to work in html, did you try 'Save as Webpage' in the Excel File/Save options?