Saturday, March 22, 2008


Our flight out of town is delayed, so our vacation won't start until 5 am now. I'll be away a few days and if I can't find a computer, I may have my first gap in the blog (I'm not taking a computer, just a pad of paper). I don't know if you have looked at the video I posted last night, but someone did. It got over 2800 hits in the first nine hours! Not many hits since then, but I didn't even have "sex" in the title! I made the technical corrections to Tanya's dvd this afternoon, and while the machines did their bit, I shot more animation with the puppet/doll Frederick, the apple-headed character who is the Golem of Sock's creator (the same character seen as a drawing in my blog a few days ago). He is pretty inflexible as his body is made of coat hanger wire covered with loose clothing. I was fantasizing about a full production with these characters in which I could get fully jointed armatures for each of them, then put apple heads on top. Collision of old and new technologies just cracks me up. Here is a clip before I start removing backgrounds and that sort of stuff.

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