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Sunday, March 9, 2008


The weather was great, we drove around for a while taking pictures of snowmen (found 4 or 5) and went to the museum. I was going to meet with Tanya to edit some video together but she's sick and didn't want to get us sick. I found out the other day that her roommate is Scott Fulton, brother of Shawn. This afternoon I shot another "Hot Wheels" movie with William, this time alone rather than with Daniel. However, things went smoother so there weren't any crashes, just a quick race and narration. This made it a bit less dynamic, but he liked it anyways. I used to think it would be a great job just to be someone's personal filmmaker, following them around and making home movies or whatever they wanted (presumably someone rich), but of course job openings of that sort don't arise often.

This evening we watched The Black Hole, the Disney film from the early 80s. On some levels I liked it, it was really old fashioned in that Forbidden Planet sort of way, but with much better effects. However, it became impossible to watch it without wondering about so many technical things like when asteroids start hitting the ship, why all the air isn't sucked out in a moment. Why the woman with ESP is always surprised when men walk up behind her. And why an old ship that was not supposed to have artificial gravity (since the newer one didn't have it) has a chandelier hanging in the dining room?

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