Wednesday, March 12, 2008


A busy day, the Avids at work seemed to be functioning well today, I made one of the three New Dance dvds, and left a second one burning - it should be done as well. I should be able to purge those drives tomorrow and get on to other stuff. I just finished my new "She Said..." video. This required me to figure out how to do traveling mattes, which were easier than I first anticipated. There are no Daleks in it, but I did use some inexplicable sound effects that were vaguely reminiscent of Dr. Who and I do find that a popular reference in the title helps get hits. William had to go the dentist again to have a casting made of his missing teeth for a spacer. The last time this happened he was traumatized, but this time it seemed quick and fun and he declared it the best trip to the dentist ever. In anticipation of it being a bad experience, I rented a movie, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It looked great, and I even sort of liked the script (writing was okay even though it was just a watered down Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and I liked the cast except Dustin Hoffman. For being the most experienced actor in the cast, he gave a terrible performance. He gave himself some ridiculous lisp and was never endearing. William and I then baked an amaretto cheesecake for tomorrow (sure be great to snack on during Torchwood).

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