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Monday, March 31, 2008


William woke up at 7:30 this morning. Margaret had been planning to let him sleep as late as he needed to and had even left a message with the school in that regard, but he didn't need to miss any (not that he didn't want to...). I got my new video up on Youtube. This is the last episode of my "She Said" series, posted exactly 13 weeks into the year. I need to get to work on my new series, I had intended to write more while lying on the beach, but that didn't happen (I wrote a few lines, but nothing significant). Saw my doctor today, just to get referrals to see other medical people regarding my feet and my tri-glycerides. Margaret, William and I went to the big Gale's warehouse after school, amazing amount of stuff. I got some heart glitter for ray-o-grams and some needles for film scratching tools for after Christmas. Paul came over this evening and we all watched "How To Eat a Fried Worm" or whatever it was called. Not bad, although a bit drawn out.


Unknown said...

what are ray-o-grams?

Gerald Saul said...

Ray-O-grams is Man Ray's self naming of a process also known as photo-grams in which physical objects are placed on top of photo-sensitive materials (film or paper) in a darkroom then exposed to light so the shape or shadow of those objects is left upon the film. It creates a highly chaotic and energized image.