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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I got new contact lenses yesterday but the left one isn't sitting right and I've got double vision with it. The doctor thought it might settle after I wore it a while, but after 12 hours I just had a headache. Today I'm only wearing the right one. We are wondering how many days/weeks/months I would have to do this before it seemed natural?
Today I finished editing the videos I shot documenting the secret garden dancing last year. Mostly it was just trimming head/tail of single performances, but I did do some editing on the big pelican performance since I was able to shoot it twice, once at the rehearsal and again later in that day. Other performances that were done twice didn't intercut well as the time of day differed too much (evening/day), but this big piece was in full day on the creek and looks pretty good. This afternoon I created my new video, but the sound isn't recorded so it's not posted yet.

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