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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I worked with Tanya for a while this morning putting some of her dance footage together in preparation for a new grant. I might be more involved with this one from the start, although we've not spent much time discussing it yet. Mostly we struggled with the technology, trying to get some vhs footage into the computer. Once we'd figured it out, I also digitized a clip from "Small Town Coffee Stories", the last clip on my list to get.
This afternoon I finished my weekly video, AM I THE EGGMAN. Leading up to it, I had Margaret throw a dozen eggs at me and I blew up another egg in the microwave, most of which is just chalked up to experience and isn't up on the screen. I've recorded my next chapter but I don't have the non-fat condensed milk required to shoot it.
Paul was sick today so didn't come over for supper, but his brother Mike was in town so he came over as substitute-Paul. We had mango chicken.

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