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Thursday, March 13, 2008


I bought and assembled a new chair for my computer today. It's not that I had a bad chair, but it was actually too big for the small space I have, so I often had to sit awkwardly to type. There was a sale, so I impulse bought. I might get William a new chair tomorrow as well. Felipe called me from the Filmpool and asked if I'd write program notes for an Ian Toews screening. As I'd planned to write an article on Toews in the near future, I said I'd be delighted. I've got about 4 weeks. I have the first two of three New Dance dvds done, and the third is probably done (left at lab burning, haven't picked it up and tested it yet). Paul came over and ate cheesecake, played Lego, and now we'll watch Torchwood.

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