Friday, March 7, 2008


I went to a foot expert today, Ernie Klinger, since my left foot aches on and off over the past year. He's of the opinion that my arches have fallen very far and I'll need some better support..... Gee, I can't make an interesting story out of this, a sore foot just isn't very dramatic.

William did his oration with his class today, we went. They did Shel Silverstein's "Snowball". I had recorded it last night, just him alone, and it is up on my profile page on Facebook. I'm not sure if you have to be a facebook member or not to see this page, but here it is.

Mostly I worked on my website today. Except for the film title list, the site is now done (of course I keep thinking of new things to add, but that doesn't count).

Just noticed that I'm quoted by Alex MacKenzie in his website.
I also just notice a film of mine (Final: Toxic 6) at a festival a few months ago that I don't recall entering.

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