Monday, March 24, 2008


On the second day in Mexico, after trying in vain to avoid drinks with ice in them, I was informed that all the water being used was bottled, including pitchers of drinking water poured at the tables and all of the ice made in the whole hotel. William and I watched a few minutes of Tv, we caught some Mexican wrestling where they wear the masks and all that. The ring has 6 sides and the action is fun and not nearly as believable as the WWF!!! We spent most of the day at the pool. There were a number of pools, there was one for swimming laps (my sisters, brothers in laws, and my nephew Sean spent lots of time doing that, I didn't), there was a kids water park with a big structure and small water slides, and there were two large pools that spanned much of the complex. These large pools were 4 feet deep throughout, so William was generally able to keep his face above water when standing on his toes. Again, great food. I took a chance on a desert at lunch time, it was a small cake shaped like a strawberry with a red glaze covering it. Just looking at it made a bit queezy, knowing how sweet it was going to be - but I only thought I knew. It proved to be a subtle, flavorful treat that I could have eaten 10 of, had one not completely satisfied me. The deserts, which are available with every meal, were generally all of the best quality I've ever found, better than any I've found in any bakery in my life. While some were flavors I didn't prefer, they were always a nice experience. That night my family had reservations at one of the restaurants for 9:30, so we didn't go but rather spent time with the kids. After supper we took William and my niece Michelle and nephew Quinn to the beach to look at stars but were distracted by a fountain that sprayed out of the sidewalk along the way. The kids (and eventually Margaret) ran through it and stood on the jets, screaming and laughing until they were completely soaked. We went back to our room and played cards until their parents were finished at the Italian restaurant.

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