Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Another thing that William was really excited about, when trips to Mexico aren't exciting enough, was coming home to find that Paul had built a Lego castle with a drawbridge, just like William wanted.

Speaking of Lego, two packages arrived for us from Lego today containing replacements for all of the broken Bionicle parts that we've had, no charge. I was feeling rotten today. We needed groceries this morning (about $370 worth plus a run down to HMV to get the 2 disc "Sweeney Todd") and by the time those were put away and we'd eaten lunch, I was certain I was sick. I had booked the afternoon to do some writing, which I'd looked forward to, but couldn't get off the couch. I napped for a couple of hours then pulled myself up and to the computer where all I could muster was a couple of backlog Blogs (I should have the entire last week posted later tonight). Then I went to pick up William and the walk in the fresh air felt great - I had just been tired! Margaret worked all afternoon and evening so William and I watched some Munsters and he just got finished looking at castle Lego on their website (the music for the castle series on the Lego site is much more annoying that their other sets).

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