Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The sniffles and running nose that I had throughout Mexico (never mentioned it as it didn't bother me much) seems to be erupting into a cold. I'm totally shivery and achy. I'm trying to tell myself I'm on sugar withdrawal as I've tried to cut down since yesterday. In fact, out of the fortune in groceries I bought yesterday, zero dollars were spent on coke. I've only eaten a few slices of ultra-dark chocolate that contains virtually no sugar. Why am I doing this to myself? To see if I can I suppose. I am waiting for a callback from the dietitian to discuss how to bring the tri-glyceride level in my body down and prevent my liver from shutting down in 30 years, and I know what they are going to tell me ("You drink HOW MUCH pop???!!!???). I hate water, so sue me.
We met with William's teacher today, things are generally fine but for a few emotional outbursts that are nearly inexplicable except perhaps he is moody when there is no sunlight, like his mother. I got some good writing done on my next series of Youtube videos, I should be able to prepare the next 13 all in advance but there might be a delay in the first episode.

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