Sunday, April 6, 2008


I worked on my videos first thing this morning and got my Jeannie Mah - Warhol piece done, as well as the preliminary work on my Jason Shabatoski video. This latter one requires me to insert a video file I have at work for it to be complete. He'll be done as a multiple panel video, nearly the same image four times. With Jeannie I began to pull one of the layers out of registration, like a misprint in a multi colour process. This brings me pretty close to my 15 minutes of famous set.
William and I ran errands today while Margaret was at work. I taught him what "disappointment" means. We did not find good white t-shirts to paint on at the store I thought they'd be at, then we didn't find a new supply of patio lanterns at Canadian Tire. Then we found both the Quinn the Eskimo store and the Old Fashioned Foods stores to be closed. When we got home we began watching Jason and the Argonauts today. It is just right for him, get him nervous about the fights, excited about the effects, and links to the Greek mythology that he's been interested in.

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