Saturday, April 19, 2008


I had a meeting of the Quality End of Life research group in Saskatoon today. William had the day off of school so we all drove up there together. We got into town early enough to head to the Mendal Art Gallery where Chrystene thought that Rachelle Viader Knowles's new show would be open. However, it was not and the opening wasn't until eight. The security guard said that Rachelle was there so I sent my card back and she had us in to see the progress. She was having a bit of trouble with interference over the connectors between the dvd players and the monitors (which were surprisingly low tech old tvs rather than slick new sets like her last show). I'm cure they got it all sorted out, although it's not the stress you need 9 hours before an opening. Margaret and William connected up with Mike and also went to Lee Valley Tools (got the rechargeable hand warmers and the lamp switch I wanted) and to Toys R' Us (where William got the Speed Racer Lego he wanted). The meeting went fine, although Margaret got caught in traffic and was over an hour late picking me back up so I got to some heavy worrying. We ate at Fudruckers where many very fat people seemed to be enjoying their meals, and then hit McNally Robinson book story where I bought a Popeye collection of early comics (hard cover). We drove back again tonight (2 + hours each way, making me a bit tired now). We brought this new plastic lap table for William in the car so he could draw and Margaret gave him his new sketch pad and suggested that he draw a picture of Mike. He drew his picture on a Kleenex. Here it is, notice the whiskers:

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Chrystene said...

Eep, sorry! Rachelle's show was SUPPOSED to be open by noon! I called her while you were there and it sounded like she was having a hell of a time. Hopefully it all got sorted out by reception time at 8! Poor kid.