Monday, April 7, 2008

281 my birthday

It's my birthday so I premeditatedly dove off of my reduced sugar diet I've managed to maintain for an entire week. Today began with Belgium chocolate in bed. I picked up William at lunchtime and took him to A&W where we each had a teen burger (I ate about 1/3 of his) and root beers. At supper, William wrapped me a can of Coke, so it only seemed right that I drink it. I baked a cheesecake, chocolate, and we had some of that later - although in my twisted reality, cheesecake IS a health food.
My horoscope in the Leader Post for the year reads: "You're so powerful this year that it's like you can control time itself. You learn and do more in the next year than many people would do in 10. Believe in your powers to exceed the norm. ..." Well that sure rocks.
So part of my time travel today was to run errands, pick up a hard drive and camera from work, wash the car, put gas in the car ($1.26 or so per litre), pick up issue 13 of Buffy Season 8 from the comic store (funniest issue ever, Xander hanging with Dracula), drank some of my expensive tequila and talked super-heroes with Gavin de Lint who stopped by with his three year old son Jack to drop off a book for Margaret, restocked my herbs, met with Christina at the university regarding Caroline Leaf and chatted about Warhol, did a phone reference for a student seeking a job, and got home in time to do some great work on my videos before William was out of school. Margaret came home with Terry, with whom I was chatting for a few minutes while Margaret went upstairs to print off a file from the computer from her. However, Margaret comes down and tells me she can't find any of her files. I come up here and find that Margaret's entire folder under the My Files is gone! I look in recycle bin and do searches in the computer and cannot find it. I figure I should re-boot and hope that it's just some glitch that will sort itself out, so I tell the computer to reboot. It tells me that I have After Effects running and, realizing that I'd not saved the really nice looking Warhol style piece I did on Gerri Ann Siwek, I hit cancel. I suppose I should have read the question of the screen more carefully, as the computer takes this to mean that it should continue to reboot and my file was lost. I grouched for a while then got back in the saddle (Gerri Ann is shot on William's spring horse), and I eventually find Margaret's folder, which had been moved inside a different folder. I do not understand why it did not appear with a search. I rebuilt my Gerri Ann video: see still below. I used a more feathered edge and lowered the contrast on the initial image, rather than increasing it as I've done on some others. Overall I like the effect of this altered approach. Some of the blue is going to be replaced with real images, something about death such as car crashes or dead buffalo if I can find something appropriate. I read with William for an hour then watched "Shoot em Up", a movie I'd never heard of before Kevin lent it to me a couple of weeks ago. It was fabulously funny. I watched half of it over again with Margaret right away afterwards. It owes a lot to John Woo and Quinton Terantino, but is definitely its own film, funny at every turn with death and mayhem that straddles both the absurd and the emotionally real. HIGHLY recommended for a fun evening (extreme violence warning).
I got 11 birthday greeting through Facebook! More than in real life!

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