Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last night after I blogged, around 10:30, Margaret and I put in season 3 of "Slings and Arrows", even though we had been up late the night before and were both really tired. Well, one thing led to another and, gripped in the story as we were, we watched all 6 one-hour episodes (46 minutes each), taking us until about 3am. This morning, as predicted, William bounded out of bed having remembered that I'd promised he could watch Speed Racer this morning. I left Margaret in bed, made a coffee, and watched and napped with William as he showed that some things run in the family - he watched 3.5 hours of this better-than-I-remember-it-to-be anime series from the 60s. This afternoon Margaret worked and I took William out to the Valley near Craven and we found crocus's growing and we went for a hike and yodeled.

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