Monday, April 14, 2008


John Hampton, who is a student and works on the End of Life project, fell off a roof on Saturday night. I got word that he broke his back. I visited him in the hospital this morning and was greatly relieved to see he was recovering and likely to get out today or tomorrow. He'll have a brace, which I imagine is temporary until he heals, and they didn't do any surgery.
Janine's crit went well today, lots of talk about photography. I've agreed to do a photography course with her in July/August as soon as my sabbatical is over. I'm also doing a post-production course with Chrystene, so it will be back to work with a vengeance in less than 100 days.
My eye doctor got a binder full of contact lens sets today. I had to go in and try on a half dozen different shapes to find one that didn't give me double vision in my left eye. Not wearing one at all doesn't give me double vision; perhaps that is the option I should take.
It was hot today, really hot. 28 degrees, I wore my sandals and we lit our fire pit and roasted marshmallows.

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