Monday, April 21, 2008


This morning I sat in Atlantis Coffee (downtown) and worked on my program notes I was asked to write for the screening of Ian Toews' films on Thursday at the Filmpool. At 10:30, Maya Batten-Young met me and we chatted about film industry and student films and stuff, and I shot my 1 minute Warhol video of her. She is #14, I just need Margaret now for my complete set of 15. I also ran into Jarret Rusnick there, he showed me a clip of a commercial project he's working on that will use lots of visual tricks such as this five frame per second blending sequence. I thought it was pretty cool and said I should have thought of it. He quipped that every time a friend succeeds, a part of us dies. William's home reading, which is usually a 12-20 page book taking between 5 and 20 minutes to read, was a 108 page multi-story grade two reader that took him over 2 hours to work through. That's another page done for the Mayor's mega-minute reading challenge that he's so excited about. Speaking of the Mayor, my dad heard him speak at his Gyro club meeting the other day and he said that the rail relocation program is in the works (again). This makes more sense now, with property values increasing that strip of land through the city is finally worth something, although I'm surprised I've seen nothing in the newspaper about it.

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