Sunday, April 20, 2008


It's been a sleepless weekend. Friday morning we went to Saskatoon, as I mentioned that day. William was so excited about the trip that he bounded out of bed at 6:30, pumped (we needed to be there at noon, it takes a couple of hours to drive there). Saturday, William was even more eager since he had his Speed Racer Lego to build and thus woke at 4:30am, took a long time to lull back to to sleep, then woke again every hour until we got up shortly after 8am. Today William woke us up again at about 7:30, although the motives were not as clear. We were able to relax and read with him in bed for a while. This afternoon I took him to the Museum for some earth day activities. He got a chance to scrape a deer hide with a moose leg bone scraper, something I've not had a chance to do. The guy says he has a hard time getting brain (the source for lanolin, needed to soften the hide) since too many people have been eating them and there is a fear of them spreading BSE (he argues that there has never been a case of in with bison and they may be immune). Weather turned nasty today, freezing rain and some snow now.

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