Saturday, April 5, 2008


William had a play date over today and I worked on my Warhol videos. I finished my overly complicated on on Allan Dotson, putting a montage of ultra-close ups from 1970s comic books into the background, breaking from the colour fields for the first time.Last night I watched episode 13, the final episode, of Jpod, the CBC television series based upon the Copeland novel of the same name that I read last summer. I've been really enjoying the show, even though they made a couple of the characters too soft and the series began a bit rocky. Perhaps it will find some other life. The episode seemed to be designed to be the final episode, with their division being canceled by the bureaucracy for no good reason. It was an apt jab at CBC. However, there was suddenly a cliff hanger closer that annoyed me, wish they were able to end it cleanly.

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