Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I hired Eric Hill to help me on a couple of my projects. He started today. We got a few things together in the darkroom, although I discovered that I'm out of black and white developers and I forgot my notes for colour work at home, so we canceled the darkroom time. We shot some video i needed and tested the use of a data projector and rear screen for a kinescope to see if it is preferable to using a regular tv.
I came home earlier than I'd planned, which seemed to be a good idea as it was 22 degrees today, and found that they poured our new sidewalk. Someone had already written "Smoke Pot" in ten inch letters in front of our walk. As I worked at smoothing it out, the city crew returned and fixed it properly. I hung out in front of the house, holding my anti-cement writing vigil while William took the next door neighbour's dog for a walk. Margaret went to work but made sandwiches first and served them on the front patio.

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