Friday, April 4, 2008


I had another fever yesterday but I managed to have it break before I needed to go out to the MacKenzie Art Gallery for the Thursday night Warhol event. Last nigh, Dr. Christina Stojanova presented two long films, one by New York experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas which was made up of 15 years of clips of Andy. The third film was a cool documentary in which some German filmmakers go to the town Warhol's family (Warhola) were from and where he often sent artwork. Until the late 80s, they were under the Soviets and were not allowed to know about decadent American art, so knew nothing about him (many paintings and drawings were damaged and thus discarded). Between the two, she played my one minute self portrait in the Warhol style I've been working on. Looked good.

Today I set up a Flickr account and posted 197 photos from my vacation to Mexico last week. I initially chose about 350 photos and compressed the appropriately, but then Flickr informed me that only 200 were allowed (I think this is a monthly quota, but true to form I didn't read the details).


Unknown said...

200 is an absolute, not monthly, limit on a free Flickr account. You can upload more than that but only the most recent 200 will be visible.

Unknown said...

you can upload to facebook albums a total of 60 per album with no absolute limit. You can "share" those albums with people who are not on facebook via an e-mail invite.