Thursday, April 3, 2008


My fever broke around one in the morning. I'd gone to sleep reading/comparing Boewolf comics, one based on the Gaiman screenplay for the movie, the other based on the original text. There seem to be a lot of key differences, chiefly in the role of Grendel's mother who is slain in the original but lives and seduces both the old king and Boewolf in the other version. The old version seems to have him killing monsters that are unrelated to one another. I guess I would be better off reading the original, but who does that with movies and comics in such abundance? Anyways, as a result I was dreaming about fighting a dragon but things began changing, probably as the fever changed, and instead of a sword I had a needle and the dragon had become blurred into a mire of all living things so I knew I had to take care to poke the right spot. I awoke to find myself hot and needing to get rid of the hot water bottle and layers of blankets. An hour later, William woke up calling me and he wanted to snuggle so it was a strange night.
I created a playlist for the "She Said" videos so you can watch the who set in auto play, if that is of interest.

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