Friday, April 25, 2008


With Kalyn's help (and Paul's memory for passwords that aren't his own) I got my website on line! Now that I look and play with it, it's rather more wonky that I thought. If you change the size of the window it is in, the text all moves around and sometimes collides/overlaps with buttons such was when you are in the lists of films. I've already found one missing link (the second "How to be a filmmaker" video is in there but there is no link to it). So here it is:

Sorry to those of you you clicked on this on Friday afternoon and had no server found. The administrator changed the home page to an "index" page, as it should be but I didn't know, and the communication took a couple hours for me to wise up and change the forwarding to reflect it. I think it works (for now....).

... and now it does. I also just posted my new "How to be an experimental filmmaker" video on Youtube. Pass it on to your friends.

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